The Veterinary Division of the North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services has slammed the United Animal Coalition (UAC) with historic fines of $300,000 for animal abuse and neglect at the animal shelters in Guilford County and Davidson County before having its license revoked in August.   

The fines are much greater than anything seen for animal cruelty cases in the history of the State of North Carolina, and today a spokesman for the North Carolina Department of Agriculture (DOA) said that the reason for that was because the department wanted the fines to reflect the nature of the cases that were found at the two shelters.

The fines for the group’s activities at the Guilford County shelter were $290,000 where no criminal charges have been brought by the Guilford County district attorney, while the group was fined $10,000 for its actions at the Davidson County Animal Shelter, where the three top employees of the United Animal Coalition have been charged with felonies.  Between the two shelters, the state found about 100 cases of animal cruelty and neglect.  Those included animals with broken backs, protruding eyeballs and other conditions that were left untreated for days while the animals weren’t tended to and were not given pain medication.

According to Brian Long, public affairs director for the DOA, the state is not interested in going after funds that were held by the UAC for various nonprofits, such as Susie’s Fund, Unchained Guilford and a construction fund for the Guilford County Animal Shelter.

The UAC now has 60 days to either pay the fine or file a written petition contesting the fines.